The Woodlands Hotel – 01395 513 120

Call the Woodlands Hotel in Sidmouth on their main reception telephone number 01395 513 120 to contact a representative about the cost of cheap or luxury rooms before finalizing your reservation by telephone.

About The Woodlands Hotel

The Woodlands Hotel is a family run historic retreat based in Sidmouth that was once run by the English poet and explorer, Sir Walter Raleigh. A short drive from Exmoor, and a stone’s throw from Devon’s stunning Jurassic Coast, the Woodlands Hotel is a popular retreat for any nature lover. For instance, the hotel has a peaceful garden of its own, where you can sit among its collection of ancient trees and trickling streams before exploring Sidmouth’s own scenery and attractions.

Bookings and Reservations – 01395 513 120

Contact the Woodlands Hotel on their main reception number 01395 513 120 for any queries about any existing reservations or if you would like to book a room at the Sidmouth retreat as a new customer. For instance you can contact a member of the hotel staff to enquire about the price of both a standard or luxury room. Although the hotel maintains a variety of furnished rooms, the representative will be able to advise which suite is best suited to your budget and requirements. Alternatively if you would like to change a booking at the Woodlands then the staff member can offer you a substitute room at another date but may charge an amendment fee to do so. Guests should also call the Woodlands Hotel to upgrade their room to a luxury suite or if they would like to add another person to their reservation.

Other General Enquiries – 01395 513 120

Call the Woodlands Hotel on their local Sidmouth number 01395 513 120 to discuss any general enquires about the Devon retreat with a member of the reception staff. For instance guests should contact the Woodlands Hotel in advance of their visit to confirm check in times or to request an early arrival if needed. You can also call to ask when breakfast is served as the meal is included in the hotel’s B&B package. Guests should also contact a member of staff to enquire about the prices of any of the items on the hotel’s restaurant menu if they would like to eat dinner at the establishment. However guests with dietary requirements should order their meals from either the Woodlands’ breakfast or dinner menu prior to their visit. You can also call Woodlands Hotel on their main reception number for direction enquiries if you would like to plan your journey from Sidmouth’s local train station or have been unable to locate the venue using a mobile maps app.

Cost of Calling and Opening Hours

The Woodlands Hotel operates a Sidmouth 01 contact number meaning that your call will be charged the standard per-minute rate for any geographical call from mobiles and landline telephones within the UK. However you may be able to contact Woodlands for free if you are using up your available inclusive free minutes that are offered by select service providers. You can contact Woodlands on their reception number 7 days a week from 8am-6pm Monday to Sunday.

Other Ways to Contact the Sidmouth Hotel

Woodlands Hotel Online Contact Form

You can check the availability of any of the rooms at the retreat before reserving your chosen suite online when using the Booking Form found on the Woodlands Hotel Contact Page.

Email the Hotel

If you are unable to contact the Woodlands Hotel by telephone then you may wish to send an email with any bookings questions to their general enquires address:

Write to Them

If you would like to make a formal enquiry or even find the Hotel using your GPS device then it is important to take note of their address: Woodlands Hotel, Station Road, Sidmouth, Devon, EX10 8HG, United Kingdom.