Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary – 01395 578 222

Phone Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary on their Devon contact number 01395 578 222 to discuss your family visit to the farm or enquire about the ways to donate including the cost of adopting an animal.

About Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary

Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary was founded in 1969 by Dr Elisabeth Svendsen to champion and protect the lives of donkeys, subsequently growing to become the international charity that is today. Admission to the donkey sanctuary is free but the charity relies on the support of sponsors through one-off and regular subscription donations in order to maintain the work it does to improve the life of their animals. Visitors are encouraged to visit Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary to see the care work that the charity does in action while also enjoying a fun family day out with attractions such as a petting zoo, adoption centre and even a gift shop.

Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary Reception – 01395 578 222

Contact a representative from Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary on their main reception phone number 01395 578 222 to discuss your upcoming visit to the centre. For instance callers may wish to enquire about the facilities and animals available to their families including which of the 500 donkeys are available for petting or even adoption. Callers can also ask about booking a tour of the sanctuary during their visit so that a guide can meet them upon arrival to show them around the farm. Although it is free to park and to visit Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary callers may wish to ask about the price of souvenirs available at their gift shop, for example if they would like to purchase a toy for their child or memorabilia for the whole family. If you would like to make the most of your day out then you can also enquire about the opening times for the sanctuary’s restaurant before asking about the menu so that you can ensure there is an option for each member of your party. Visitors can also ask in advance which of the donkeys they are allowed to approach as the sanctuary’s keeps its child-friendly animals in a separate section. Furthermore as most of your visit will take place outside it is important to wear appropriate clothing, the Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary representative will detail what is suitable.

Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary Donations – 01395 578 222

Call Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary on their UK contact number 01395 578 222 to enquire about the donations process if you would like to support the charity. For instance you can adopt a donkey for a monthly fee or even ask if there is a recommended donation amount to make upon visiting the sanctuary in person. If you are indeed interested in one of the sanctuary’s donkey adoptions then you can ask about the process by telephone including how you can visit the animal that you sponsor. Alternatively if you wish to support the charity as a volunteer then you can enquire about helping out in the gift shop before discussing the sanctuary’s process for recruiting assistants to care for the donkeys on a part or full time basis.

Call Costs and Times

The Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary operates a 01 local number meaning that you will be charged the standard per-minute rate for any geographical call from mobile or landline telephones. However the sanctuary is only available to be contacted during the working week as the phone line is open from 8.30am-4.30pm Monday to Friday with lines closed on weekends.

Other Ways to Contact the Sanctuary

Online Contact Form

If you are active online then you may prefer to make any enquiries about your visit to the sanctuary using the Sidmouth Donkey online contact form.

Write to Them

Alternatively you may wish to write to Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary or send your completed adoption pack to their UK postal address: Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary, Slade House Farm, Sidmouth, Devon EX10 0NU, United Kingdom.