Norman Lockyer Observatory: 01395 579 941

Contact the Norman Lockyer Observatory on their Sidmouth phone number 01395 579 941 for general enquiries about the planetarium, to join one of their astronomy groups and for education queries.

The Norman Lockyer Observatory is a well-preserved historical observatory which houses a modern planetarium as well as a keen group of amateur astronomers who provide education in astronomical physics to the local residents of Sidmouth and beyond. You may call their general enquiries phone number 01395 579 941 to check the dates of the next open evening at their fascinating planetarium which will educate you about the stars in the night sky as well as a basic background into the science of astronomy. Similarly if you represent a local school you can call this number to arrange a group booking or private session at the planetarium. You can also phone this number for more information about the man it is named after and the history of the observatory, such as the discovery of the Helium element in the Sun’s composition.


Norman Lockyer Observatory amateur astronomy – 01395 579 941

Call the Norman Lockyer Observatory on their telephone contact number 01395 579 941 if you are interested in joining their amateur astronomy group, where you can learn about observing the stars using their state of the art telescopes as well as at home with your personal equipment. They also run a series of fun challenges throughout the year to enhance your star-spotting skills, so if you believe your expertise could be valuable you can call this helpline to volunteer for the group.


Write to the Norman Lockyer Observatory

Written enquiries to the Norman Lockyer Observatory can be made by either filling out an email form on their UK website or by sending a letter to their full postal address:

Norman Lockyer Observatory,
Salcombe Hill Road,
EX10 0NY,
United Kingdom.