Sidmouth Primary

Sidmouth is a beautiful beach resort in the south coast of England and Sidmouth Primary is a humble tourist information website and visitor guide in the corner of the web! Come here to find contact details of all the major organisations in the sunny seaside town of Sidmouth in the county of Devon.


Phone the Manor Pavilion Theatre & Arts Centre on their box office phone number to buy a ticket for an upcoming play performance, to report lost property and to get a detailed seating plan of the venue.

Ring the Norman Lockyer Observatory on their telephone contact numbers to book a seat at their planetarium open days and to join their amateur astronomy group.

Call Sidmouth Connaught Gardens on their local rate number to contact a representative with any enquiries about the public space such as questions about the timetable of performances in their outdoor theatre.

Contact a representative from Sidmouth Croquet Club on their main reception number for all enquiries about the cost of membership after asking about the full range of sports facilities available at the venue.

Call Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary on their Devon contact number to discuss your visit to the farm or to enquire about making a donation which may include adopting an animal at the centre.

Contact Ganesha Wholefoods on their UK telephone number to discuss the range of health foods available their Sidmouth store.

Phone the Sidmouth Museum on their UK contact number for information about the exhibits housed in the museum and for tourist information about the guided tours they offer of the town and stretch of Jurassic coastline.

Contact Theresa Mulchrone on her UK mobile number if you would like to book an appointment at the premium Sidmouth hair salon.

Get in touch with the Woodlands Hotel in Sidmouth if you would like to enquire about the cost of a room before making any reservations or to discuss the range of spa treatments that guests can enjoy.

Beyond Sidmouth

Sidmouth is great but what if you live in Sidmouth and simply want a break? The UK has many options to choose from, especially along the south coastline.

BOURNEMOUTH: The UK’s south coast is rich in tourist hotspots, the most loved of which (to many people) is be Bournemouth in county Dorset due to its many miles of golden sandy beaches. It’s quite central on the south coast and is not far from the major city of Southampton.

BRIGHTON: On the other side of Southampton from Bournemouth (on the central south coast of England) is another favourite amoung Brits: that’s Brighton, which has a lovely pebble beach in case you want a break from sandy beaches and in Brighton you’ll find an atmosphere just as camp & friendly as in Sidmouth & Bournemouth all year round.

Bournemouth, Brighton and Sidmouth all have great beaches, friendly people and lovely weather (at least, compared to what most of the UK is used to!) but international tourists rarely discover these local treasures so why not recommend them to your foreign friends on their next visit to the usual international destinations: London (where else?) and Stonehenge (in Wiltshire).

Driving? Contact the DVLA

If you’re a frequent traveller around the UK, staying at the south coast’s hotspots like Bournemouth, Brighton and Sidmouth for the weekend or on business, you’ll probably want to be driving. You could catch the train but driving is generally quicker due to all the stops at stations along the south coast when taking the train – driving is of course direct.

If you’re interested in driving, your first point of call after (or before) buying a car should be the DVLA – they will get you licensed and ensure that you’re insuranced appropriately for the long trip down south.

You can contact the DVLA by post or by phone – we recommend you phone the DVLA because it’s typically a lot quicker and easier. On the phone you can ask a DVLA advisor any question about driving, getting you vehicle registered and yourself licensed to drive on British roads.